“Yes! I love being a gourd artist.”

~Gloria Christian

I’ve used gourds as my canvas for over two decades. From my first simple etching to more elaborate award winning art, I’ve continually learned and added new techniques, embellishments, and mediums. I create one-of-a-kind fine art through many steps and hours. And I finish each with my personal style.

Each gourd includes a combination of two or more media including carving, cutting, burning, and or weaving. I use the beauty of nature to inspire many designs and colors.

My gourds have traveled from one ocean to another to find their new forever home. Each one brings me joy. And I look forward to another year of discovery, creativity, and adding to my gallery of gourds.

I bought my first 35 mm camera in the 1970’s. As a free lance photographer I’ve been published many times in newspapers, magazines, and brochures. I’ve worked at a wedding chapel, in photo processing, and at a portrait studio. I enjoy scenic photography, but my favorite subject is people. One technique I love is giving images the black and white look of old Hollywood of the 1930’s.

A few years ago I was leafing through a home decor magazine and saw a photograph of a gourd sitting on a mantle above a fireplace. The markings on the gourd were wood-burned. It was very appealing and I knew at that moment I had to investigate the world of gourd art.

When first starting out, I etched designs using the natural colors of the gourd. I entered an etched piece in the first Alabama gourd show and won third place. That win, as you can well imagine, just reinforced my newly acquired addiction.

Yes, I had become a bona fide gourd artist.

Throughout the years I’ve continued to experiment and learn new and different techniques. All add to my individual style. If I work on a piece and don’t like it, it will not go to a show. It’s set aside and then added to or changed until satisfaction is reached.

Always in the forefront is the plan to progress in my work, inspire others, and to share my knowledge so the next artist will be able to create and inspire. I have pursued, and will continue to pursue almost any technique. Especially the ones I like the most. I don’t consider myself a painter. So, to color the gourds I use multiple colors and tonnes of paint, inks, dyes, and stains. Many times I’ll work until the gourd looks like metal or a piece of pottery.

An award-winning gourd artist
in art shows.

Gloria in her gourd artist booth

And my favorite part of those times are the expressions and smiles as people enter my booth. Their appreciation for gourd art provides encouragement and inspiration. I’ve been published in newspapers, on TV, and in a book about gourd weaving. And I’m thankful that these media help create awareness of this unique art form.

In my down-time I’m a world traveller. I enjoy new people, places and different cultures. And I love to look at old architecture and think about who came before and what they did.