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Hi. I’m Gloria. And yes, I’m an award-winning gourd artist. I’m glad you found me. And if you appreciate one-of-a-kind gourd art for sale, I think you’ll find some pieces to add to your collection or decorate your home.

I love to transform a plain and simple gourd into a work of art. And it’s my personal touches and carving style that create a unique piece of fine art from a dried and hardened fruit shell.

Gourd art is a process of many steps. And some of my creations can take up to 20 hours or more to complete. And it’s people, like you, who make it all worthwhile. Because I love to see your face light up when you see the results of my hours of carving, cutting, dyeing, embellishing, inlaying, painting, and sculpting. Speaking of results…

Here’s my gourd art for sale:
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001-24 Leaves from Gloria's Gourd Art For Sale 002-24 Gray speckled faux stone from Gloria's Gourd Art For Sale 003-24 feathers fabric from Gloria's Gourd Art For Sale 004-24 Calla Lilly from Gloria's Gourd Art for Sale 005-24 Seagrass Beads from Gloria's Gourd Art For Sale 160-23 Gingko Leaves Gourd Art for Sale 056-16 Carved feathers gourd art for sale 090-21 Sunflower glass beads gourd art for sale 092-21 Danish coil purple beads gourd art for sale 140-22 Natural coiling blue beads gourd art for sale 110-23 Red orange yellow acrylics gourd art for sale 111-23 multi-colored Dreamcatcher gourd art for sale 112-23 Black Gingkos cutout gourd art for sale 115-23 Raku colored coiled gourd art for sale 113-23 Dogwood bloom gourd art for sale