About the Artist

Gloria was born in Alabama, yet moved many times because of her father’s work with civil service. Right after high school, she became a self-taught photographer and pursued a career in the field and stayed in the business for many years. Several times she was published as a freelance photographer. Although she has settled in Huntsville, AL, she lived in many places within the United States and even spent time in Puerto Rico. It was in 1985 that she moved to Phoenix, AZ where she lived for three years and learned to appreciate the Native American art and culture. In 1995 she married her high school true love and they moved back to Alabama. Gloria saw an article in a magazine about wood burning on gourds. She liked the way it looked, natural but elegant thus her gourd etching days began. It was at this time that the Alabama Gourd Show also began and she entered her first etched piece, winning third place. She had found her niche. As a self-taught artisan, she progressed in carving and other mediums including wood burning, weaving, inlay and painting. She also enjoys creating colorful one of a kind masks. To achieve a look or style she likes, she continues to add new techniques. Since that first win, she has participated in many shows including those in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Her many ribbons were won throughout her seventeen years as a Gourd Artisan. It is a passion that she will continue to learn, teach, and hopefully, inspire others to appreciate. Her art sells from the West coast to the East coast and even across the ocean.